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Zoe's Story

In our fourth and final instalment of our Konnect Communities Life Choices series, we hear from Zoe and find out about the positive change the course has made to her life.

Zoe began attending Konnect in February, where she was encouraged to enroll on the Life Choices course. She had wanted to try something new, and so decided to take the plunge and see where it took her, despite feeling a bit nervous to begin with.

Zoe found that through the Life Choices course she was able to identify and build on her skills, leading to a marked increase in her confidence. She was also able to work on her conversational skills, which brought her out of her shell, discovering that she was actually a people person! Life Choices also brought out Zoe’s creativity, where she was encouraged to attend a sculpting course, and gave her ideas of how she could harness that creativity to improve her job prospects.

During the six weeks, Zoe felt incredibly supported by her mentor and the team. She was comforted by knowing that if she was struggling with her mental health, she was able to ring her mentor or go for a coffee and a chat to work through her feelings. Zoe’s mentor was also on hand to assist her with paperwork for new housing and was happy to speak to the local council on her behalf.

In the future, Zoe hopes to use her boosted skills and creativity to obtain a career in marketing or social media content creation. The Life Choices course has given her a new lease of life and elevated her confidence, and through this Zoe intends to volunteer with Konnect to help ex-addicts improve their situation and self-esteem, feeling that Life Choices has given her so much, and now she would like to give back in kind.

We have full confidence in Zoe and believe that her skills will lead her to a career that, using her natural creativity, will bring her a great deal of happiness.

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