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Thomas' Journey with the People Hub Employability Programme

By People Hub Cornwall

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Prior to joining the People Hub Employability programme, Thomas was in full-time education at Kehelland College, a specialist institution.

Without any prior experience in employability programmes, Thomas was unsure of how to begin his journey towards employment.

Living in a very rural area near Bodmin, Thomas relied heavily on his mother for transport. His path to employment began when he registered with Pluss through the People Hub partnership. He enrolled in a 12-week Pluss Me employability course, which helped him identify his strengths and understand the skills needed to search for employment, apply for jobs, and prepare for interviews.

During the programme, Thomas completed a numeracy course through Multiply and an Emergency First Aid at Work course, which he passed, earning a certificate that made him very proud.

To address Thomas’ rural isolation, it was decided that he would apply for a concessionary bus pass. With the bus pass now in hand, the next step is travel training to familiarise him with local bus routes, enabling him to attend social groups, volunteer opportunities and potentially paid work. His future plans include engaging with local community groups and venues of interest, using the skills gained from Pluss Me to help with applications.

Thomas shared his thoughts on the programme:

“I enjoyed completing the Pluss Me programme. I enjoyed being able to socialise with people that were new to me and also people I already knew. I was very pleased to complete the numeracy and my First Aid course. I would really like to be able to volunteer at the Bodmin & Wenford Railway and the Military Museum. I also look forward to the opportunity to become an expert by experience with Citizen Checkers on the Peer Advocacy Group through the Brandon Trust. If I am successful it could lead to paid employment.”

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