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Stu's Inspiring Journey with Konnect Communities

By People Hub Cornwall

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In April 2024, Stu took a significant step forward by completing a mentoring qualification with Konnect, initially referred by Seetec.

Despite facing barriers like social isolation and a past conviction, Stu’s determination to improve his life was unshakeable. With support from the course facilitator, Stu was introduced to one-to-one mentoring aimed at boosting his confidence and social inclusion as well as addressing employment challenges.

Initially hesitant, Stu cancelled his first sign-up session due to nerves. However, he soon found the courage to seek support and officially joined the project in April. His goal was clear: to work at his own pace towards long-term aspirations, such as volunteering with Konnect and eventually seeking employment. Remarkably, Stu’s progress exceeded his expectations.

Through engaging in various workshops, Stu gained invaluable knowledge, skills, sociability and confidence. He created a CV, increased his motivation through the Changing Mindsets workshop, learned about disclosing convictions and attended a wellness workshop. He is also scheduled to join an interview skills workshop, a final step towards feeling ready to apply for jobs.

Stu’s passion for helping others led him to volunteer with Konnect. Starting at his own pace, he supported workshops and is now contributing full days to the mentoring course. Stu is in the process of completing an official Konnect volunteering application, a testament to his dedication and growth.

His confidence has soared, with positive feedback from his Jobcentre work coach and other professionals. Stu now comfortably meets new people, participates in group sessions and supports Konnect and its clients effectively. His journey from nervousness to becoming a valued volunteer showcases his remarkable transformation.

Stu’s story is one of hope for those facing similar barriers. With unwavering support and his own determination, Stu is on the brink of pursuing a fulfilling career. Konnect Communities are proud to have him on board and are confident in his continued success.

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