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Sienna's Story

In the second video for our series on Konnect Communities Life Choices, we speak to Sienna, who recently completed the six-week course, and learn about the difference it has made to her life.

Sienna had been going through a tough time, and was taken under the wing of Konnect via their Victim Care Unit. Once she was no longer a victim of crime, she was taken on by Louise, one of Konnect’s friendly, supportive mentors. Prior to starting the course, Sienna had always felt that she would need specific trauma counselling to help her change her life, but to her surprise, she found that her life was turned around in an incredibly positive way.

Although she was initially hesitant to open up in the group work sessions, Sienna soon realised that everyone on the course had similarities in their lives, which helped them build rapport with and trust each other. By the end of the six weeks, Sienna was good friends with the other attendees, and felt that they were able to support each other on their Life Choices journey.

Once the course ended, Sienna was worried that she might feel lost, having gotten so used to feeling supported by her mentor and fellow course-mates. Instead, she was asked if she would volunteer for Konnect’s Life Choices course, which she was delighted to accept.

In the future, Sienna hopes to continue volunteering for Konnect, as well as wanting to give back to people who were struggling, and encourage people the way she was encouraged. We have all the confidence in the world that Sienna will accomplish this, and much more going forward.

If you are interested in attending the next Konnect Life Choices course, send us an email on contact@konnect-communities.co.uk.

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