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People Hub Case Study – Customer Testimonial

By People Hub

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At People Hub we offer employment support and training services to anyone who needs them in the areas of Cornwall and the Isle of Scilly.

Anyone looking to retrain, develop new skills, or receive some assistance in finding employment will be supported by our team of Connectors, who tailor their assistance to your individual needs, and see you as a person, not a statistic or a box to tick.

We also offer support with housing, debt, and mental health services, ensuring that you’re directed to the best and most appropriate services to meet your needs.

At People Hub, our mission is to build your confidence and get you where you need to be to ensure a rewarding and happy life. But don’t just take our word for it – read what one of our customers has to say about their experience with us:

Anyone thinking of joining People Hub should not feel apprehensive – they are approachable people, who have time for you as an individual.

They do not presume, which is an exceptional quality, and they listen and guide you, not push you into anything you will not feel happy with. There are loads of options on offer, including some you have probably not thought of, but your advisor will tailor-make your journey into a pleasant one which will help you move forward.

My own personal experience was frightening for me, but this was the next stage to moving forward. I had already done some preparation due to coming out of an abusive relationship – there were and still are in some cases wounds to heal. I also have health issues which I have had to take into consideration with choices I have made. But putting this aside, I learnt how to use Zoom, Microsoft Teams, attended virtual seminars and also completed a Level 3 course which is equivalent to an A-level.

People Hub also helped with funds for a book I needed for the course, as well as for the outlay for the course itself. I also managed to complete a CV and applications for a couple of interviews and came close to the last interview but was unsuccessful. Although this wasn’t the outcome I’d hoped for, I felt I had improved by actually taking part in the interview, which would help my confidence and abilities for the next round of interviews.

Unfortunately, my health problems have come back to hinder me and with the experience at People Hub coming to an end, the only thing I can say is thank you and how much I appreciate the time given. I would recommend People Hub to anyone who would like to get things moving in the next chapter of your life.

If you’d like to see what we could do for you, our friendly team are only a call or a message away. No matter your background or previous work experience, we can offer you honest, compassionate support and a wealth of advice on achieving your goals. Get in touch with us at People Hub and let us help you make the change you need.

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