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The People Hub

We’re a one-stop shop for information and guidance in finding employment and training opportunities, as well as linking people with support for housing, debt and mental health.

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in Cornwall.

Through our Connectors we provide free, confidential advice and support.

Help fill the spots

We work with people who may fit perfectly into your organisation, or we can empower potential candidates with the training and skills to make them right for your business.

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Talk to Us 0333 015 0699
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Connect the dots

We can support fellow providers to make connections with other providers.And Nadia can give expert guidance on how ESF and mainstream provision can work together.

Talk to Us 0333 015 0699

Find the slots

For businesses facing difficult decisions on redundancy or restructures, we can link you with local and national resources and support services.

Download info pack (PDF) 1mb
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Nadia ensures that referrals run smoothly between all providers, and to help employers find candidates and for providers to link together. Talk to Nadia on 07944 900 615

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