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Understanding Labour Market Information (LMI)

LMI is information on what is happening in the labour market. It looks at how industries are doing, whether they’re growing, declining or stagnating, the types of jobs that are in demand and declining and what supply of labour is available. That’s the skills and qualifications people hold, how many people are in the labour market and who they are.

The table shows us the Top Ten employers in Cornwall for May 2022. This type of information is useful to know so we can help people when looking for work.

The graph shown is an example of what we look at when analysing labour market information.

There is a dip in job postings in December; we know this is due to the holidays and businesses being closed over the Christmas period.

We can also see that job vacancies are remaining consistently high in Cornwall. This is in line with the rest of the UK where we are facing a job-vacancy crisis, with businesses struggling to fill roles.

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