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Jack Overcomes Challenges to Pursue his Passion

By People Hub Cornwall

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Struggling with complex mental health issues and autism, Jack faced significant obstacles in pursuing his career aspirations in the construction industry.

With a background in construction work, Jack’s dreams were momentarily halted due to a herniated disc in his back, rendering heavy lifting untenable. However, he remained steadfast in his long-term goal of rejoining the industry in a role more suited to his needs, such as driving.

Discovering the People Hub through his advisor at We Are With You proved to be a pivotal moment for Jack, and he wasted no time in reaching out and expressing his desire for retraining. Together with the People Hub, he explored various avenues, including courses, apprenticeships, and construction licences, to pave the way for his career transition.

Recognising the importance of strengthening his numeracy skills, Jack sought support from Multiply, where he received invaluable guidance. Eager to enhance his employability, he enrolled in an online course with Cornwall College, setting the foundation for his future success.

Yet, Jack’s journey wasn’t just about professional development. He bravely confronted his financial worries with the People Hub and embarked on a quest for part-time employment to sustain himself during his training. His persistence paid off, landing him two part-time roles, with the most recent being as a bartender since 21st March.

Despite his ongoing training journey and CITB test preparations, Jack remains unwavering in his commitment to personal and professional growth. With the upcoming completion of his tipper licence through Lamanva Training, he edges closer to his ultimate goal of rejoining the construction industry on his own terms.

Reflecting on his journey, Jack expressed heartfelt gratitude for the unwavering support he received. “I feel this company have helped and supported me to get back into the construction industry with a bad back and being autistic,” he shared. “They are also helping push my maths to get on better courses.”

Jack embodies the spirit of fortitude and possibility, reminding us that with perseverance and support, even the most daunting obstacles can be overcome.

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