Here to help you if you’re in or out of work

Whether you’re in work and looking for a better job or out of work and trying to find your next role, People Hub Cornwall can help you get to there.

How we help you.

Let us help you take the first step towards work or fulfilling your career aspirations.

Firstly, let’s get to know you

The first step is to get to know you. We can then get the support that’s right, for you, for free.

The support you receive can help remove any barriers preventing you from moving forward. Then, through engaging courses, training and qualifications, alongside confidential advice, we can actively help you overcome the struggle of finding work or moving onto a better job.

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Who is eligible for the support?

The support we give is tailored to you and your situation, but you must live in Cornwall or the Isles of Scilly, be 16+ and have a right to work in the UK. If that’s you, we’re here for you and completely free.

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How do I get help?

That’s the easy part, just call our friendly, Cornwall-based team on 0333 015 0699 or complete the referral form. You’ll be guided through the next steps by a navigator.

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