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How we help…People Hub Delivery Partner: Konnect Communities - Life Choices

Their mentors build confidence - recognising the value and potential in every person. To enable change, they work with individuals through a regularly run life choices course.

Find out more about how the life choices course has been helping transform journeys…

A Journey Through Konnect’s Life Choices

Konnects Life Choices is a CBT based employability course created for people who are far from the job market and classified as long term unemployed or economically inactive and could be described as ‘not flourishing in life’. The course was created recognising that what holds many people back is an absence of or very low sense of self-worth, confidence, and motivation, just as much, if not more than a good CV and interview skills etc.

The hardest part about making change is first making the decision to change; a decision you are led to from the suffering, pain, hurt, unforgiveness and lack of care for oneself. We have a choice right there to either continue receiving everything the world throws at us letting it destroy us, or we can step into the challenge of understanding our own self-worth and value, and that we can overcome these barriers and make a long-lasting change in our lives.

In May 2021 four strangers entered onto the Konnects Life Choices Course full of anxiety and fear; six weeks later they left with aspirations and as friends. These participants went on a journey together; getting past the barriers and sticking points in their lives, building positive self-belief and confidence in each other as well as in themselves.

Delivery was a mixture of group discussion, individual journal work and interactive sessions. Lunch was provided as was support towards meeting the costs of transport and childcare.

A young professional couple chatting in a library or office

Over the 6 weeks the group covered a range of topics including:

  • Looking at the Wall – what is stopping us?
  • Looking beyond the Wall – future, aspirations
  • Understanding personal skills and strengths
  • Passions and mindset
  • 5 P’s of Marketing
  • Goals and plans

The group were encouraged to share only what they felt comfortable to share and to act with kindness. They learnt and supported each other with the understanding that we cannot change the past or how people treat us, but we can change our present and our future to make it a happier and healthier one, whilst understanding how to take control of our life so we can be the best version of ourselves. Together they discovered their skills, strengths and passions and learnt the thinking skills they need to get motivated and go after their goals.

Self-esteem is the key building block for a flourishing life and each of the participants worked hard to make personal change in this area. As a result, we saw them blossom throughout the course and since leaving one participant now has a job which they never thought possible, and two others will return as peer mentors to support future participants as they take their first steps on the Konnects Life Choices journey.

Research has shown that when positive self-esteem is missing so is confidence in our abilities, leading to lack of motivation and aspiration. Positive evaluation of self-worth is the cornerstone in our life that we build from. It can enable us to develop self-confidence; to be confident in our natural abilities (strengths and skills) and become motivated to find a productive outlet (employment) for those abilities.

But don’t take our word for it, this is what our participants say:

“There were two parts of this course that were extremely beneficial for me! The first was the ‘Skills’ session as I felt I didn’t have that many skills (and it turns out that I do!). The second was ‘the Wall’…. this course has reminded me of who I am! I have been carrying so much stuff as a solo parent over the past 16 years and had lost myself. I remember who I am again…thanks”

“This course has honestly changed my life, for the first time in ages I actually have hope for a positive and happier future. It has changed my outlook on life and how I move forward instead of being stuck in this hole that has controlled my life for the past 5 years”

“I honestly didn’t feel like I had anything to give, no skills or anything. Doing this course has made me realise I have so many skills, the list is endless!”

“It’s no good dwelling on the past feeling sorry for yourself and letting all the negativity eat away at you, instead look at the future and change things”

“I have been using the tools and remembering the things that Becky has talked about to help me think differently”

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