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From Uncertainty to Stability: SP's Inspiring Journey

By People Hub Cornwall

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In an inspiring turnaround, a skilled professional in the hospitality trade has secured a full-time job and housing.

SP, referred by the Armed Forces Lead at the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), was struggling with unemployment, financial instability and alcohol misuse, exacerbated by recent job loss and the need to live with his mum. His mental health was deteriorating, making the path to recovery seem daunting.

However, SP’s fortunes began to change when he met Terrie-Anne from Active Plus. Recognising his vast knowledge and skill-set in the hospitality industry, she focused on getting him back into employment, addressing his alcohol misuse and providing guidance on financial support. The first hurdle was obtaining a replacement birth certificate to ensure SP had the Right to Work in the UK. Once this essential document was in place, SP could begin applying for jobs.

With renewed determination and the right support, SP secured a full-time position at a local brewery in Newquay, which also provided housing. This new role, which he started on May 20, 2024, offers him a steady income and a safe place to live, creating a stable foundation for his continued recovery.

SP continues to receive support from We Are With You and his probation officer, ensuring he has a strong network as he rebuilds his life. Reflecting on his journey, SP said:

“When I first met Terrie-Anne, I was in a dark place where I was unemployed, going through a rough time with my family, sofa surfing and financially insecure. With the 1-1 support she gave me, we looked at my current skill-set and how I could apply this into future employment. My first challenge was not having the sufficient paperwork to obtain work. Terrie-Anne purchased a birth certificate to enable me to have the relevant documents to work in the UK. With this support, I have now sustained permanent employment with housing. I have moved away from my old life, and settling in Newquay has given me the headspace to work on my wellbeing and concentrate on my family. I am now working and receiving financial support. I cannot thank Terrie-Anne and Active Plus enough for the support that has been given.”

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