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From Darkness to Light: Brad's Journey with Pentreath

By People Hub Cornwall

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Meet Brad, who found himself lost in uncertainty and struggling with his mental health until, through the People Hub support programme, he discovered Pentreath, a beacon of hope in Cornwall.

This charitable organisation offers help and guidance to those navigating the stormy seas of mental illness.

‘Since being with Pentreath,’ Brad shares, ‘I feel I’ve been picked out of a hole and given some direction, having someone who isn’t family or a loved one to help me believe in myself. I feel like a better dad/son/partner etc – a better person all round, more relaxed. I feel I can “do it”.’

Through Pentreath, Brad gained more than just guidance—he found trust, confidence, and the courage to open up to his loved ones. ‘Don’t be scared,’ he urges. ‘If you need someone, don’t be afraid to open up.’ With the support of his family and Pentreath, he learned the power of communication and goal-setting, transforming his life one step at a time.

Brad’s journey is a testament to the transformative impact of community and compassion. So, if you ever find yourself struggling, remember Brad’s words: reach out, open up, and embrace the support around you. You’re never alone on this journey.

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