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Empowering Change: W's Journey with The People Hub

By People Hub Cornwall

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We're honoured to share the incredible journey of W, whose resilience and determination have led him from adversity to newfound hope and success since joining the People Hub in January 2024.

W’s path to the People Hub was marked by years of unemployment and personal challenges, including a relationship breakdown, struggles with mental health, high debts and the responsibilities of parenthood. Despite these hurdles, W was eager to seek support, inspired by a positive experience during ESF delivery.

With the guidance of Olie and support from the People Hub, W accessed a multitude of resources and services from Cornwall Council, including Early Help, benefits and assessment, and support with energy debt. Additionally, he received assistance from South West Water and Community Energy Plus, as well as a Foodbank voucher.

Through collaborative sessions with Olie, W explored potential career paths, ultimately identifying security work as a promising avenue. He was enrolled
in an SIA course with AWC Training Ltd, fully funded by the People Hub.
His dedication was evident as he attended each day of the course, earning praise from his tutor.His perseverance paid off as he secured employment as a security worker on a construction site. With additional support, he obtained a CSCS card and completed his first shift. This new financial stability marks a significant milestone in his journey.

Recognising the importance of mental health, Olie and W collaborated to enhance W’s wellbeing. Through a combination of physical activity and support from Healthy Cornwall, W embarked on a gym membership, finding huge benefits in regular workouts.

W’s heartfelt appreciation for Olie echoes the sentiment of many who have benefitted from the People Hub’s support. With a renewed sense of optimism,
he expresses gratitude for the positive changes in his life and looks forward to
a brighter future:

“Thanks Olie you’re a legend. Can’t thank you enough. Very happy atm. Smashed the past month.”

As W continues his employment journey and embraces stability,
he sets his sights on creating memorable experiences with his family, including planning their first-ever holiday. Free from the fear of financial insecurity,
W’s future is now filled with promise and opportunity.

We at the People Hub wish W all the best on his path towards a better tomorrow.

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