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We provide high-quality, one-to-one, personalised mentoring to enable you to move forward in life.

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Build confidence.

Let us motivate you to start your journey when you take the first small step.

Contact us to start your journey.

When you contact us we’ll check your eligibility for the project and then allocate a mentor who will arrange to meet with you. This first meeting is to find out more about you and to talk you through the ways in which we can help. If it sounds like what you need then we’ll register you, and your journey with us will begin!

We’re here to guide, not judge.

We can help you access the support you need in so many areas: addiction support, assistance with housing, finances and more. Our supportive team understand that setbacks happen, and they’re there to support you through the times when things go wrong

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Life Choices course.

Alongside the mentoring you can also access our successful Life Choices course. Based upon cognitive behavioural therapy techniques, it supports you to review your life and to challenge negative thinking patterns that may be preventing you from moving on. The course seeks to help clear some or all of those blocks, leaving sufficient ‘head space’ to consider work or learning.

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Konnect can:

Engage with you at your point of need.
Enable you to see beyond your limitations and maximise your potential.
Motivate you to aspire to become the best you can be.
Inspire a confident and positive attitude so that you can live and act in ways that create opportunities.

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Start today.

To find out more:
Phone 01736 339277
Or email

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