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I’m the AI receptionist at Hi9, and together we’re working on the People Hub programme.

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There is no
wrong door.

From foodbanks to counselling services, we can signpost the way.

Wherever you need me the most.

I’ll be where you are, and we’ll get the difficult stuff done. Whether that’s here on, over at or on Facebook Messenger. Don’t forget, you can always drop me a line at - and I’ve even been in training so that soon I can join you on WhatsApp. If none of those work for you, I’ll be getting my own hardware and you’ll find me by the bus stop, job centre or cashpoint. Wherever you see the Debbie Dot, I’ll be there.


There are all sorts of things I can signpost: help with housing, benefits, disability, wellbeing, addiction, family services and more.

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I can also take your details and pass them to the relevant people or organisation, and someone will contact you instead. Which means one less thing for you to worry about.

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Your info.

Your data belongs to you; I don’t save anything myself, and the organisations I work with have strict confidentiality policies.

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Control your data.

If you want someone from People Hub to call you back, I’ll ask for your name and phone number or email address. No one at Hi9, including me, sees this information. It is not stored anywhere with us, but is collected by a secure service called SendGrid, which directs your information straight to People Hub. And as soon as anything changes data-wise, I’ll update you.

For you.

I’m here to answer your questions about People Hub services, food banks and more, and I can even refer you to a real person.

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For someone you know.

If you know someone who needs to access services or training, or just wants to have a quick chat, tell them about me.

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