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Active Plus

Active Plus uses the skills, experience and expertise of injured and retired military veterans to deliver unique programmes that build confidence, improve motivation, generate a sense of belonging and self worth; helping people to unlock and fulfil their potential.

Cornwall Marine Network

Cornwall Marine Network supports people who have a disability to move forward in their lives, by helping them to find work trials/experience, volunteering opportunities or employment.

Cornwall Neighbourhoods for Change

Using ‘Parent Power’, Cornwall Neighbourhoods for Change provides specialist end-to-end, personalised and holistic support to unemployed, economically inactive or underemployed parents who have experienced a variety of life traumas.

This service helps parents to ‘find their power’ and develop their skills to progress on a pathway to upskilling and employment.

Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Supporting those interested in the Health Care Sector, Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust offers participants 1:1 personalised help in job searching, navigating NHS jobs and job matching according to individual needs.

Targeted and individualised support with completing job applications ensures a much higher chance of being shortlisted to interview, and employment success.

Education Development Trust

Supporting Refugees in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, the Education Development Trust provides guidance and help with CV writing, interview skills, confidence building, work experience and volunteering opportunities and job search support with translation services.

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Konnect Communities

Konnect ENGAGES with people at their point of vulnerability. Often, this involves unpicking multiple barriers or complex needs, most commonly mental health concerns, financial concerns, criminal justice issues, risk of homelessness, unemployment, and substance misuse.

From referral, our highly skilled team puts together a tailored plan of support and mentoring to ENABLE clients to identify and overcome these barriers and begin to move forward. Through achievable goals and regular one-to-one support through our mentoring programme and courses, Konnect MOTIVATES and INSPIRES our clients to make positive changes in their lives and reach their full potential.


Promoting good mental health through personal development, education and employment, Pentreath provides specialist 1:2:1 support, for people to achieve their personal and vocational goals.

Pentreath also has a small team of dedicated young person advisors who work specifically with Cornwall and Isles of Scilly residents in the 16-25 age group.


Pluss support individuals aged 16+ across all of Cornwall, who have a Learning disability or difficulty to move forward into employment, education, or training.

Through CV writing help, travel training, volunteering opportunities and work experience placements, Pluss helps to move individuals closer to their goals.

Smart Working Revolution

Smart Working Revolution supports and trains motivated people with the confidence & impact to shine in work and gain the skills that today's employers are looking for.

The SWR Smart Steps Programmes will boost people’s confidence & impact, uncover their superpowers, and lead them to future job success. On top of that we give bespoke support for applications and interviews and can even help match people with suitable jobs.

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St Petrocs

St Petrocs provides the Vocational Development Programme which encourages residents of our 24 houses, 3 Resource Centres and 165 residents to work towards education and employment, as well as accessing opportunities that they have not been able to participate in previously, with an onus on improving mental and physical health, wellbeing and confidence.

The programme is a holistic approach to ending homelessness by empowering residents to work toward a fulfilling, and sustainable future.

Stay at Home (Chaos Group)

Chaos deliver work training and education opportunities to people with Neuro Diverse conditions living in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

Working in a person-centred way and helping them to overcome barriers around finding work, training or their education, helps to achieve their goals.

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