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Brian's Story

If you’ve been out of work for a long time and feel like you could use a boost to your confidence, Konnect Communities Life Choices course could be for you.

The six-week course aims to get past the barriers that might have held you back from having a job you love, and build your self-esteem, giving you the skills to feel motivated and able to go after your goals. Through discovering your skills and passions, Konnect can help you build the stepping stones to a more satisfying and fulfilling life.

As the most recent Life Choices course drew to a close, we caught up with some of Konnect’s team and those involved to bring you more detail on the incredible work beinfg done.

First, meet Brian.

Brian first learned about Konnect’s Life Choices course when he popped in to attend a coffee morning and enjoy a chat. After speaking to members of the team, he was encouraged to take part in the 6-week-long course, with the aim to build his confidence and learn new and useful skills that would improve his current situation.

Upon attending the course the following week, Brian was assigned a mentor who was there to help guide him through the sessions, as well as supporting him with issues in his life that were causing him stress and worry. One of these issues was his need to have a bus pass, but with the help of his mentor and the team, they were able to quickly obtain one for Brian to ensure that he was able to travel with ease.

Brian was also experiencing difficulty in dealing with an impending move from his current home. He had suffered two strokes prior to beginning his Life Choices course, which had affected his confidence and left him feeling worried and overwhelmed. His mentor stepped in and offered to speak with the council on his behalf regarding his housing situation, which was a great weight off Brian’s shoulders, making the process considerably easier and less stressful for him.

When Brian started the Life Choices course, he wasn’t sure what to expect, but with the support of his mentor and the team, he found it helpful and relatable to his life, and full of useful information that would assist him in improving his situation and rebuilding his self-esteem after several tough years. Brian felt supported and encouraged by his mentor, and once the six weeks ended, he decided to stay in touch with them. He felt able to cope with problems that had come up since the course ended, and felt confident that he and his mentor would be able to solve them together.

Brian said that he would definitely recommend the Life Choices course to other people, highlighting that the mentors were understanding and easy to talk to, and that the course material opened him up to information he might not have considered otherwise.

If you are interested in attending the next Konnect Life Choices course, send us an email on contact@konnect-communities.co.uk.

You can also phone us at People Hub on 0333 015 0699 or email us at hello@peoplehub.info.

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