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Breaking Barriers and Building Futures: H's Inspirational Journey

By People Hub Cornwall

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We are thrilled to share the incredible success story of H, a remarkable 17-year-old from St Austell, whose resilience and determination have shone brightly through adversity. Join us in celebrating his transformative journey with the People Hub project, a beacon of hope for young individuals facing challenges.

H’s journey began in January 2024 when he joined the People Hub project, after navigating through a series of life-altering events that had left him unemployed and struggling with mental health, housing and debt issues since July 2023.

Despite the hurdles, H embraced the opportunity offered by the People Hub project. With unwavering dedication, he engaged in various interventions, including invaluable support from Cornwall Council Services such as Healthy Cornwall and Nos Da Kernow. H’s commitment has led to significant milestones, including now being smoke-free for a month after battling a six-year smoking habit.

With the guidance and mentorship of Olie from the People Hub, H’s mental health witnessed a remarkable turnaround. His newfound confidence propelled him into a career path with Santander Bank, marking a pivotal shift from mere employment to a promising future with clear progression.

Beyond career success, H’s journey also mended fractured relationships within his family and social circles. His heartfelt gratitude to Olie echoes the profound impact of mentorship and support in rebuilding his life and strengthening familial bonds:

“Olie, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. You have changed my life like you wouldn’t believe. I do not think I would be alive if I hadn’t met you because my mental health was so low – I didn’t want to be around anymore. You have helped me to find myself, get into a career where I am earning a decent wage and you have helped me and my family to reunite. You are incredible at what you do.”

Inspired by a promise made to his father during end-of-life care, H is fuelled by
a vision to become the first millionaire in his family, and has set his sights on achieving this ambitious goal while making his father proud.

H’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of community support and personal resilience. As he saves for his first flat in Truro and embarks on driving lessons, his story inspires us all to believe in the power of perseverance and the potential within each of us.

We at the People Hub applaud H’s remarkable journey and wish him continued success as he paves the way for a brighter future.

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