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Artem's Journey: From Ukraine to Cornwall, A Story of Resilience and Success

By People Hub Cornwall

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Meet Artem, a Ukrainian refugee who arrived in Cornwall with his wife and three young children as part of the Homes for Ukraine Scheme. Back in Ukraine, Artem was a dedicated teacher, specialising in Computing. But when the turmoil of war forced him to seek refuge, he had to rebuild his life from scratch.

In the midst of uncertainty, Artem stumbled upon the People Hub Cornwall project through CN4C’s St Austell Hub. Recognising the opportunity for growth and support, he joined the Parent Power project with two goals in mind: to improve his English and to secure employment. However, faced with the challenge of navigating these tasks solely on his phone, Artem found himself at a crossroads.

Determined to overcome these obstacles, Artem immersed himself in the project. While enrolled in a part-time face-to-face ESOL course, he realised that two hours a week wouldn’t be enough to reach his full potential. That’s when the People Hub Cornwall stepped in, providing Artem with a much-needed lifeline: a laptop. Using this essential tool, Artem could now access online English courses and pursue employment opportunities more effectively.

Empowered by the support of the People Hub Cornwall project and fuelled by his own drive, Artem embarked on a journey of self-improvement. Working closely with his caseworker, he applied for a job as a Digital Coach in the voluntary sector—a role that aligned perfectly with his expertise and aspirations.

The hard work paid off. Artem not only secured the job he applied for but also continued to enhance his English skills through online learning. Reflecting on his journey, Artem expressed his gratitude for the transformative impact of the People Hub:

“This wonderful project helps to integrate into the community faster, and gain access to education, support, and necessary equipment,” Artem shared. “I am grateful for the help I received, which allowed me to access a laptop and English-language courses, and finally secure a full-time job.”

Artem’s story is a testament to resilience, determination, and the power of community support and, as he continues to build his new life in Cornwall, his journey serves as an inspiration to us all. Working with participants across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, the People Hub Cornwall is committed to creating pathways to success and empowerment for refugees like Artem, fostering a more inclusive and compassionate society for everyone.

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